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NOTICE OF PURCHASE OF REAL ESTATE AT TAX LIEN SALE AND OF APPLICATION FOR ISSUANCE OF TREASURER'S DEED DEED 4522 To Every Person in Actual Possession or Occupancy of the hereinafter Described Land, Lot or Premises, and to the Person in Whose Name the same was Taxed or Specially Assessed, and to all Persons having an Interest or Title of Record in or to the said Premises and To Whom It May Concern, and more especially to-wit: PAUL A. CHACON. You and each of you are hereby notified that on the 31ST day of OCTOBER A.D. 2016, the then County Treasurer of the County of Weld, in the State of Colorado, sold at public tax lien sale to FIG CAPITAL INVESTMENTS CO13, LLC the following described real estate situate in the County of Weld, State of Colorado, to-wit: GIL 16898 ALL BLK42 and said County Treasurer issued a certificate of purchase therefore to FIG CAPITAL INVESTMENTS CO13, LLC. That said tax lien sale was made to satisfy the delinquent GENERAL taxes assessed against said real estate for the year 2015; said real estate was taxed or specially assessed in the name of PAUL A. CHACON for said year of 2015; That on the 27TH day of MARCH, 2020; that said FIG CAPITAL INVESTMENTS CO13, LLC, assigned said certificate of purchase to BLUE SPRUCE SERVICING COMPANY LLC. That said BLUE SPRUCE SERVICING COMPANY LLC the present holder of said certificate, has made request upon the Treasurer of said County for a deed to said real estate; A Treasurer's Deed will be issued for said real estate to the said, BLUE SPRUCE SERVICING COMPANY LLC at Two o'clock P.M. on the 28TH day of SEPTEMBER A.D. 2020 unless the same has been redeemed. Said property may be redeemed from said sale at any time prior to the actual execution of said Treasurer's Deed. Witness my hand this 27TH day of MAY, A.D. 2020. JOHN R. LEFEBVRE, TREASURER The Tribune June 3, 10, 17, 2020